Dylan Entelis


Hi, my name is Dylan Entelis. I'm a design director and brand strategist living in Los Angeles. I recently joined JUUL Labs, where I lead Story Design.

I created this site because a weird troll bought my old URL, which apparently is a thing that happens in 2018. I've made pictures for the White House, the New York Daily News, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others. I worked in the Brand Studio at NerdWallet leading the development of photographic strategy. I'm a founding partner at Fades to Nothing, a design practice in Santa Monica specializing in brand identity, industrial design, and content creation.

I have a naturally occurring mohawk that doubles as a useful ice breaker, as does my tiny dog Ricky Martin. When untethered I purchase medium format chrome film and go driving. I count getting lost in the hills of Iceland and volunteering in Ghana as two foundational life experiences. Since childhood I've spent a lot of time in Montaukwhich has recently undergone an unfortunate transformation. I make images of lost gloves and I just learned that this is something that Tom Hanks does, too.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, collaborating, or sitting for a portrait, please get in touch.